Mastin Kipp Presents

Claim Your Power Live

Your purpose brought to life.

Los Angeles, CA July 7 – 10, 2016


Your purpose brought to life.


All change begins the moment you enroll. This event will sell out. Grab your spot today.


You’re at a fork in the road.

Do you retreat to safety and the same old patterns, or do you move

forward and finally live the life you’ve always known was meant for you?

Mastin Kipp’s Claim Your Power LIVE is a cutting edge personal growth

event that will inspire you, motivate you and help you reach

a higher level of living.

This four-day event is packed with tools, strategies and everything you

need to know to break free and become who you’re meant to be.

Claim Your Power LIVE is a time tested system that will improve every area

of your life: spiritually, financially, romantically and emotionally.

Why? Because you are the common denominator in your life. When you

become more of who you really are, everything in your life improves.

What Innovators Are Saying
About Mastin Kipp

“I’ve watched Mastin transform from rock bottom to someone who turned his life around and is making a massive impact on the world.”


Tony Robbins
World Renowned Peak Performance Specialist

“Mastin is leading a new generation of seekers.”


Marianne Williamson
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Mastin Kipp emerges as a leader for a younger generation: for those who long to live lives that are more passionate and more soulful.”


Arianna Huffington
Founder of and New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Mastin Kipp is a modern-day mystic.”


Gabrielle Bernstein
New York Times Best-Selling Author

What Clients Are Saying
About Mastin Kipp



“ Mastin Kipp’s strategies helped me transform my life to a place that I did not know existed. The results were noticed by everyone in my life. I felt more energized, happier and performed better in every area of my life. I gained more insight on my inner workings, and clarity on my life’s purpose.

Mastin knows the steps to success and he will guide you with great care and a genuine heart. I am forever grateful to Mastin Kipp.”


Suzette O. New York, NY


“ Claim Your Power was an incredible experience for which I will always be thankful.

It showed me the way to live a healthy life while sharing love with those around me. And it is part of life that there will be challenges and difficulties, but the program taught me to reconnect to myself at any given moment. It is the most precious treasure that the program gave me: the knowledge to guide myself.”


Andrea P. Mexico


“ What is amazing about this program was learning to align my energy with my soul and my purpose and to stop focusing on what was holding me back.

Now I’m empowered to know I’m worthy for this life and I don’t need to wait for a cue from anyone else.”


Heidi S. Boston, MA


“ Powerful, moving and impactful!

Mastin has an incredible gift ability to connect with others. His ability to relate to some of my most challenging struggles put me at ease immediately.

This course taught me how to “take action” and make positive, significant changes in my life. I recommend this event for anyone and everyone who is looking to grow and move their life in a positive direction.”


Julie N. Mesa, AZ

“ Last year I was stuck in a corporate job and felt a higher calling to start a life coaching practice. I was looking for guidance bring me to this next chapter in my life. The ‘Claim Your Power’ program showed me the way and I answered the call.

The program taught me to confront my fears of moving forward as well as the cost of staying unhappy where I was. The Kundalini yoga centered me to believe in myself and let my authentic self come forward and contribute to a better world.

The program guided me through the deepest moments and I pushed through anyway. The result is that I left the corporate job and started my coaching practice – full speed ahead.

My limiting beliefs are now unlimited possibilities. I trust myself again – come what may. I’ve embraced uncertainty and my full potential.
I’ve never felt so ALIVE!”

Carl B, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“ I feel like Mastin has done all the work of collecting teachings from our most acclaimed spiritual leaders, health advocates and motivational ambassadors, rolled them into this delicious burrito and served it up to be easily digested.”


Kimi D. San Clemente, CA


“ At 30 years old, I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life.

Before working with Mastin, my life was predictable. Mediocre, even. But the interesting thing about that is, I wasn’t even aware of it. Like a mirror, Mastin showed me who I really am. I can’t thank him enough for his rigorous love.”


Nan L.


“ If you are committed to getting results and you’re looking for someone to help you get there… Mastin is the man!


Before the program the life I desired was a wish, something I wanted but wasn’t sure it was going to happen. My wish has now turned into a dream which is now coming true.”


Joe A.


“ Don’t let fear or money stop you from working with Mastin. It’s worth every cent. The life I have now is even more beautiful than I could have dreamed!!! Mastin transformed my thoughts that led me into action. My vision of being a professional songwriter and indie actress are a reality.”


Jesse W.


“ I think the results speak for themselves.

After working with Daily Love, I was able to leave my secure job, triple my income and launch a new onlineheight- business that helps people THRIVE.

How Cool is that?!”


Elizabeth M.


“ The Daily Love’s lessons should be taught to every person on this Earth.

We would all be happier, more fulfilled, and more loving. Bold statement, but true.”


Pranam L.


“ Mastin is a LIGHTHOUSE, and his vulnerability is just as much of a gift to this world as his ENTHUSIASM.

My experience with the Daily Love shook me up and rocked me to the core and I am forever changed.”


Tara B.

Here’s A Day By Day Breakdown
Of Claim Your Powerlive
Get Unstuck &
Claim Your Clarity

Today, we move forward. No more stuck-ness. No more wondering why you take two steps forward and three steps back. Find out why you tend to stop right before great things happen in your life. Today is about creating the awareness of how you get in your own way and how to stop it for good.

Let’s end procrastination, perfectionism, playing small and making other people’s goals and dreams more important than your own. Today we’ll take a giant step towards the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Claim Your Purpose &
Make It Real

After you get clear on what’s holding you back, it’s time to discover your life’s purpose. Mastin will guide you through his powerful purpose process that will bring crystal clarity on why you were born and how to take that knowledge and turn it into action – now.

Claiming your purpose is a homecoming. Your purpose is your north star and guides every single choice that you make.

Today, we stop the cycle of giving our power and purpose away and come home to our highest wisdom and authentic self.

Creating Lasting
Intimacy & Passion

Today is relationship day! No life is truly fulfilling without a relationship that is full of love and passion. There is tremendous confusion today about the role of the masculineheight- and feminine. Today, get clear on why your relationship lacks passion or why you haven’t been able to find your life partner.

If you are in a relationship, today will rekindle the flame and restore you to how you were when you first met. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay – this day is for anyone who wants a relationship that is fully alive.

If you want LOVE and PASSION – don’t miss this day.

Action Plan

Without action, our time together will have been wasted. Today, create goals that inspire you, a vision for a compelling future, and your courageous action plan for what’s next.

Today begins your new life from a place of purpose, clarity and passion so that you can serve others to your fullest ability, be a source of love for those closest to you and most importantly no longer live with regret.

New action creates new results, results that will inspire you and bring your back respecting yourself.

Why We Do What We Do

When we see people living in pain, suffering, operating below their potential… it breaks our hearts.

Nothing upsets us more than seeing beautiful, soulful people give too much of their power away.

We can’t stand seeing people draining their power through food, booze, the wrong jobs, the wrong commitments, or habits that keep their lives constricted and small.

We can’t stand seeing people losing themselves inside of relationships or careers. Seeing people give so much that at the end of the day, nothing is left. No time or energy remaining for self care, for personal goals, for the priorities that really matter.

When we see this happening, we can’t just watch.

We have to help.

We can’t not.

That is why we’ve searched high and low – through every book, through every system, interviewing every leading expert, traveling, quite literally, to the ends of the earth – all to answer one question:

How can we help people claim their power?

We’ve searched. We’ve found. We’ve tested our theories. We’ve collected proof.

We have systems that work – and when you have something that works, that helps, that heals, it is incredibly selfish to hide it away.

That is why we produce events like Claim Your Power Live:

To take what we know and give it away.

It is unbelievable how BIG your life can open up in a relatively short period of time… when you recognize that you have infinite power inside of you, and when you know how to harness that power and direct it intentionally.

Unimaginable growth and expansion.

YOU: operating at your full potential.

That is what we want for you.

That is our vision and our highest hope for humanity.

That is why we do what we do.

Mastin & friends

Getting Here


Los Angeles Airport
22 minutes (6.3 miles)


Marina Del Ray Marriot
4100 Admiralty Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


The Venue

Marina Del Ray Marriot
4100 Admiralty Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292